ASUW: Pacific Islander Student Commission

Meet Our Interns!

Intern Lead

Katrina Punzalan

“I love the Pacific Islander Community on campus because all the Pacific Islander RSO Spaces and Members are so inclusive and everyone is extremely friendly and approachable. Seeing the different Islander communities come together during PISC events and helping strengthen “One Family” element of the pacific Islander community on campus is what makes being a part of PISC worth while to me.”

Leadership and Development Coordinator:

Janilla “Nini” Augofie


“I love UW’s Pasifik Islander Community because there’s opportunity for self-love, self-growth, & self-discovery through a community of people. ”

Programming and Outreach Co-Cooridinator

HUT Ugalino


“I’m thankful for PISC because as an intern, I’ve been abel to express myself as both Queer and Filipino more fully than I have in past years. It’s also been great seeing how each RSO celebrates their own culture(s) and creates a home on campus for me.”

Programming and Outreach Co-Coordinator

Tulili Tuiteleleapaga-Howard


” I really appreciate the opportunity this community has given me to explore our people’s cultures. It’s allowed me to get in better touch with my own heritage, all the while cultivating relationships with people that share my roots.”

PISC Senator and Policy Analyst

Mika Magbanua

AAPI Heritage Celebration Coordinator

Logan Guerrero