We are many. We are one. We are Pasifika!

Welcome to the ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission! The ASUW PISC exists to empower, support, and bring together the Pacific Islander student population at the University of Washington. Through programming, advocacy, and cultural celebration, the Pacific Islander Student Commission strives to create a spirit of home thousands of miles away from our roots in Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, and the Philippines.

Our diverse membership welcomes Pasifik Islander people from all walks of life, and we strive to increase cultural awareness and empowerment through political, educational, and social events. PISC aims to raise awareness and empower change for Pasifik Islander issues and identity, and to increase solidarity amongst our various island communities. We also hope to provide the rich support and resources for Pasifik Islander students’ success and growth here at the UW.

Visit us at HUB131D to learn more about the Commission, the Pacific Islander communities on campus, and opportunities to get involved! We strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for every Pacific Islander student on campus, so know that the space is yours to sit back, relax, do some homework, and get to know the community in a safe and welcoming environment. Check out our weekly office hours to see when our doors are open, or set up a time to meet with Tise, the PISC Director, by writing to asuwpisc@uw.edu. We’re excited to meet you!

Interested in joining a Pacific Islander club? Check out the Pacific Islander clubs on campus by clicking on “Constituency” on the Menu Bar!