Pasifik Voices Series

Alii! Talofa! Bula Vinaka! Hafa’adai! Malo’elei! Iaorana! Kia’ora! Mogethin! Yokwe! Hello!

Beginning in November, the Pacific Islander Student Commission will present two island nations every week to educate our people about who we are across the Pacific Diaspora. PISC is committed to education and knowledge of the Pacific and to expose different islands that many might not have been exposed to, this would be a good way to stimulate conversation and to bring awareness to the meaning of Pacific Islander identity, Oceanian identity, and more. We would also love any poetry, short stories, blogs, opinionated essays, etc. to expose these knowledge contents to our community :D

To submit, please email: For more information, call (206) 221-6318. Have a great day!

-Chasmon Tarimel | PISC Director 2012-13

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