Spotlights – Catherina and Leanna

Describe your involvement with your community?
“I served as the 2016-2017 Academics Chair for FASA sa UW. Most recently, I was a co-chair of the Centennial Gala with Catherina. I’m an ading myself as well as an Ate to three adings in FASA’s KAAP program. I am also a member of FAHC!” –Leanna

“FASA’s Activities Chair last year. This year, I had the honor of co-leading, with Leanna, Centennial Gala. I am also a proud ate to an amazing ading(s) in the Kuya Ate Ading Program with FASA as well as a mentor to the sweetest mentee in FAHC!” –Catherina

What is the significance of your involvement?
“FASA has played a huge role in my college career. My freshman year, FASA was so welcoming to me and I felt so included despite not being able to hangout with my class as much as I’d like because I commute. I loved the community that the FASA had so much, I ran and became the Academics Chair my sophomore year. By the end of my term, I thought I was done with leadership positions so I could focus on school. However, I couldn’t say no to being a part of the Centennial Committee as FASA and the three other Filipino organizations celebrated 100 years of Filipino and Filipino American student organizations at UW. I wanted to be apart of the group that was fortunate enough to be at UW during this celebration.” –Leanna

“I’m sure many can relate when I say that I struggled academically as well as socially my first year. I was lonely, sad, and my grades were pretty bad. I actually wanted to give up and go back home.,. But it wasn’t until becoming involved in FASA that things began to change for me. FASA welcomed me with open arms and gave me my ‘home away from home.’ (SUPER cliché, I know! but true ok) FASA gave me the confidence to not only conquer the overwhelming school that is UW, but to also just be myself. Now, I have a community who supports and encourages me every step of the way instead of doing it alone. As for co-leading Gala, I wanted to celebrate all the years that Filipino Organizations have been helping students like me integrate into UW by providing a community. I wanted to give back and recognize past and current Filipino Organizations that mean so much to me and so many others across all generations.” –Catherina

What do you love most about your community?
“I love that there’s something for everyone. If you want to meet new people and socialize, share your talents, become more active in the community politically, etc… I love that this organization has so much to offer and there’s no pressure to do all of it in order to be apart of it.” –Leanna

“The friends, family, food, and fun!” –Catherina

Fun facts?
“I’m a ~5 espresso shot a day kinda girl…more than half my paycheck goes to Starbucks but I’m not even mad about it lol!” –Leanna

“I love hip hop cardio!” –Catherina