Spotlight – Tulili Tuiteleleapaga-Howard

Describe your involvement with the PI community.
“This year, I serve as PISC’s Executive Lead Intern and PSA’s secretary. I’m also closely involved with MIC and API Cares!”

What do you love most about your community?
“I really love the open friendliness that exists in our community! Since I’ve come to UW, I’ve never really felt like I needed to “meet” anyone within PISC — everyone already treats each other like family no matter who you are or where you’re from. “

What’s the significance of your involvement?
“Significance of my involvement– I always knew I wanted to give back to my home community in American Samoa one day, and I feel like PISC has been preparing me to do just that. I grew up pretty ignorant to a lot of my own culture and the histories of other Pacific Islander experiences. Being at UW and meeting people with so many different stories from their lives as Polys, Micronesians, Filipinos, etc. has really made me fall in love with the diversity that exists within this group and if anything, it only makes me want to move forward and push this community further.”

Any fun facts?
“…I can beat anyone up.”