Spotlight – Natalie Kamaka’ike Bruecher

Natalie started her journey of involvement through engagement with the Wing Luke and the Burke Museum. Currently, Natalie is a PSA officer, but her involvement with PSA dates back to her time in high school. In addition, she paddles with Hui Wa’a o Wakinikona. Through Natalie’s involvement, she tries to learn more about her Hawaiian culture every day.

Natalie’s involvement with her community is a way to keep her rooted and to give back. Her goal is to uplift the Pacific Islander community by giving her energy to the youth and to create spaces for Pacific Islanders to tell their stories. Although Pacific Islands are distinct, Natalie loves that the PI community is still strongly connected as all of our cultures and histories are celebrated.

Besides being immensely invested in her community, Natalie is one for trying new things! She shared that her uncle raises turkeys in Oahu and she tried one of their turkey eggs for the first time!