Spotlight – Joey Tanaka

Describe your involvement with your community.
“I’m apart of Hui Hoaloha ‘Ulana which is the Hawaii Club here at UW. The club itself has been a home away from home for me and continues to do the same for many of the kids leaving Hawaii to come here. My main involvement in Hui is being Country Store Co-Chair for our annual Spring Lū’au.”

What’s the significance of your involvement?
“Lū’au is our largest event of the year where we aim to spread the Aloha spirit and culture of Hawaii with our friends and family here in Seattle. As Country Store Co-Chair I helped to collect donations from families and businesses both in Seattle and Hawaii to sell in our Country Store.”

What do you love most about your community?
“What I love most about Hui is the people in it, they really do feel like family. Especially during lū’au season, we all come together to make lū’au the best it could possibly be.”

Fun fact?
“I have a really big sweet tooth and am a huge adrenaline junkie haha!”