Spotlight – Irina Del Donno

How would you describe your involvement with FASA?
“I first joined FASA during the spring quarter of my sophomore year and I have been an active member ever since. Other than being a member, I was named head coach of FASA All Stars this quarter for both its intramural basketball and volleyball teams. I intend on running for a FASA officer position this year just so I can leave my mark on an organization that has made a significant impact on my life.”

What does FASA mean to you?
“I had a rough transition into my first quarter at the UW. My beloved aunt passed away, and the three friends I had at UW wanted nothing to do with me. I was alone, miserable, and had serious thoughts of leaving UW and Seattle in general. Realizing that it was financially impossible for me to leave Seattle, I had to make the most out of my Husky experience. In order to fulfill this task, I decided to attend a FASA meeting and from that day on, my life has changed for the better. FASA became a place I could call home filled with the best friends I could ever ask for. I may have lost three friends at UW but I eventually gained a UW family and I am eternally grateful to be a part of a unifying organization.”

What do you love most about your community?
“FASA has given me not only memories but a family that I can depend on. Without my family from FASA, I can’t imagine what my social life would be today. FASA contains the most welcoming and accepting individuals and I am eternally grateful for their friendship. I want to give others that welcoming experience that I received from upperclassmen, which has taught me to branch out and socialize with others. Because of this, I want to give back to community and serve as a role model to others.”