Spotlight – Genesia Paolo

Describe your involvement in the community.
“I’ll be an officer for the Polynesian Student Alliance two years in the making. This year I was the student advisory board representative but next year I’ll be the PSA secretary!”

What is the significance of your involvement?
“I chose to get involved with PSA because I wanted to have a little piece of home with me here at college. I’m from American Samoa and Kansas so most of my family is thousands of miles away so it’s good to have my PSA family with me here.”

What do you love most about your community?
“I love how open and welcoming my community is. We’re always down for new members and new friends. I see PSA everywhere around campus and it’s nice because though we don’t seem to be that visible at UW, we’re really present in the lives of each other.”

Fun facts?
“I’m studying abroad in Ecuador this summer!”