Spotlight – Douglas Lew Tan

Douglas Lew Tan is an active Hui, PSA, and MIC member.
The first club Douglas joined was Hui Hoaloha ‘Ulana (UW’s Hawaii Club), where he dances and plans to volunteer in hopes to become even more involved. Douglas joined to get more involved on campus and to build meaningful connections. By joining Hui, Douglas found a sense of familiarity on campus as well as a place for family and friends. After joining Hui, Douglas joined PSA, where he does the security for Poly Day, and MIC, where he has managed the booth for their raffle. Douglas loves the close-knit relationship and their willingness to help each other when needed in his community.
Besides Hui, PSA, and MIC, Douglas is a 3rd year Medical Anthropology and Global Health Major and Nutrition Minor. His hobbies include excessively napping, snowboarding and cooking! (Word on the street is that he can cook amazing mochiko chicken!)