Spotlight – Christian Thomas Carmen

Christian’s journey of involvement started when he was a freshman. Coming to the University of Washington, it was a change of environment from a highly diverse high school to a PWI. He felt small on campus and had a difficult time identifying with other students. However, by joining FASA, Christian saw his community form as he related to the issues and events that FASA presented. Inspired by the impact of his community, he wanted to get more involved and became the Public Relations Chair. Although this position carried numerous responsibilities, Christian prioritized his duties due to his desire to be a part of something big. He also danced with Sayaw, where he learned so much about his Filipino culture. This enlightenment of his culture through involvement pushed him to join MIC, as well. Christian wanted to broaden his horizon on other cultures besides his own, so he started to dance with MIC. The magic of dance allowed him to learn more about his own culture as well as others. From there, Christian became an officer for MIC. He shared that even if you’re not from a community, you should still take the time to learn and understand them and their histories.
Aside from being involved in FASA and MIC, Christian was one of the founding brothers of Chi Theta Psi. The goal was to create a Filipino brotherhood present in the Greek system. By doing so, Christian and his brothers have paved a way for future Filipinos on campus. Through his collective effort, Christian learned what it meant to be a Filipino and a better leader.