Spotlight – Britney Jae Lujan Kingsbury

Britney is this year’s PISC social media intern, making her in charge of all things social media related! Not only is she a fantastic teammate, but an active member of the Micronesia Islands Club.

By being involved with the Pacific Islander Student Commission and MIC, these groups help Britney get more in touch with her culture and community outside of family, which is an experience she didn’t really grow up with. Britney shared that being able to be with a community of people that come from similar backgrounds and connecting with one another so well isn’t something that is easy when we’re on a campus so big. Finding this group of people makes the big and intimidating campus feel smaller and more welcoming.

Britney loves how inclusive her community has been and how friendly, open, and inviting everyone is with one other.

The Pacific Islander Student Commission loves Britney for her quirky ability to sing the alphabet backwards, her awesome design skills, her AMAZING latiya, and of course her radiant and kind personality.