Spotlight – Nakea Ridder

What is your involvement in your community?
“Even though I don’t identify as a part of this community, the Polynesian Student Alliance has always been my community that I have been a part of since my freshman year. I serve as the Polynesian Outreach Program (POP) chair where I have the blessing to work with high school kids and mentor them for higher education. Anything else outside of my duties would be to assist fellow officers and socialize with our members (WHO ARE ALL AMAZING BTW).”

What is the significance of your involvement?
“Through my involvement, I have managed to make a lot of connections with those in the community and have really healthy and needed discussions on topics involving my own community. I have found great mentors and have worked to be a good mentor for my kids. ”

What do you love most about your community?
“What I have always loved the most is how the PI community has always been founded on love. It’s something that I noticed when I first became a part of the Pacific Islander Club at Federal Way High School. Love and God have always been strong characteristics of the community that make it really welcoming and admirable.”

Fun facts?!
“So like, I’m really good at “Just Dance” and “Dance Central”. I also eat way faster than the average person (my grandma says it’s because I have a big mouth). Anyways, I recently decided that I want to pursue education and associating that with American Ethnic Studies and African American Studies.”