Spotlight – Ben Comer

Benjamin J. H. Comer is a third year, majoring in psychology.

Ben is involved with Micronesian Islands Club through dance and is actively involved with senate this year. For the past 2 years, Ben has also been involved with Polynesian Student Alliance (be sure to check out Ben dancing at this year’s Poly Day!) and contributes to many of their study groups, like PIPE.

Being away from home, Ben came to find home on campus through these communities. They motivate him to display excellence in his studies and he’s constantly enlightened by everyone’s strong sense of identity. His communities are fun outlets to leave stress behind. His involvement with his community has certainly been life changing, as he made and is continually making lifelong friendships. Also, being in the ECC is comforting to Ben and he makes an impact for the Pacific Islander community here by facilitating study groups. His community inspires Ben to represent for the PI community.

Besides being an active and awesome member in his community, Ben loves basketball and lives by #GlorytoGod! When he was 9, he had brain surgery and recovered at the UW Medical Center which made him want to become a Husky! Here at UW, Ben wants to be a physical therapist or a personal trainer.