Kat Punzalan


Name: Katrina (Kat) Salazar Punzalan
Year: 3rd
Hometown: Saipan, CNMI
Major: American Ethnic Studies | Law, Societies, and Justice

Magandang araw and Hafa Adai – my name is Kat and I’m this year’s Director of the ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission. I was born and raised in the island of Saipan to Filipino migrant workers and moved to Seattle fairly recently to pursue higher education. So my identity is not as clean cut as just “Pacific Islander” or “Filipino” or “Filipino American,” but a combination of all three- “Filipino from Saipan” is what I’d say. Since my initial involvement with PISC as an intern during my second year, my priorities have been aligned with advocating for marginalized and intersectional identities within the Pacific Islander community while amplifying Pacific Islander voices and cultures. My hope is to uphold these values by ensuring that ASUW resources are accessible and available to the Pacific Islander community. My hope is to return to the islands after undergrad and serve my community there before returning to Washington to pursue a law degree.

On a more informal note, in my spare time I like playing video games and sleeping. I enjoy music and concerts (my favorite band is anything Andrew McMahon’s been in) and I enjoy Filipino dramas as much as my mother does. I’m also deeply invested in zodiacs and Harry Potter.

Come visit me and the team at the PISC office!! There is never a dull moment!