3pasifikvoicesPacific Islander Student Commission is hosting its final Pasifik Voices for the year!

Pasifik Voices, hosted by the ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission, was founded by Kiana Fuega and Christina Pelesasa in 2009 to give space for renowned Pasifik poet Sia Figel to share her works with students in Winter of 2009.

Since then it has become an event centered around embodying the vast diversity of Pasifik Islander representation on and off the University of Washington campus.

It is a night of cultural expression as we showcase our talent through music, dance, art, spoken word, and more :).

This is your chance to perform and/or watch our fellow PI community members kill it on stage!

To sign up to perform click on Boo-woo the Caribou!

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Check our promotional video here:

Music Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (cover) by MSG (feat. Sabyu)

For more information please contact our Programming and Outreach Intern Tulili Tuiteleleapaga-Howard tulili@uw.edu.